Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Now November has started and cold air waves of winters are flowing in morning and evening. Temperature is decreasing slowly with every passing day. Generally our senior citizens say that in the era of 80’s when they are young winters starts early in the month of October and by November environment change completely. Fans are switched off in August end or in 1st week of September only. Windows are cover in October. Full warm clothes are in use by everybody in November. Even some senior citizens say that they use blankets when watching RAMLEELA  and warm up themselves by burning fire while returning home after the show. As per my childhood memories we never used FAN on Diwali and used to buy new warm clothes like sweater, cap, socks before diwali as shoping of Diwali. Also in winters now air is more polluted because increased moisture in air which leads to intermixing of dust particles with pollution and these heavy particles remains  at low levels in air causing diseases problem of eyes, nose and throat. Asthma patient really has big problem during this type of weather.
Winters come late, ends early because climate is changing with every passing decade. Reasons of climate change are known to all of us and we all are responsible for this. The problem and its solution are in our own hands. We must try to use more public conveyance and must tries to secure green area of our cities and many other small steps needs to be taken to save environment otherwise we will lose the golden thing (our environment) and don’t have anything to give to our coming generations. SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE EARTH.