A indispensable tool of today life of modern world. A basic need of all human beings now-a-days. Some examples when you need your mobile in your regular life :-
-          You need it to place order of eatables
-          You  need it when milkman is absent
-          You need it when rickshaw pooler is late.
-          You need it when school bus of your ward is not on time
-          You need it for recovery of email password
-          You need it as a torch when power fails
-          You need it to check time
-          You need it as a alarm
-          You need it to know bank balances and make transactions

Mobile has tremendously made our life easy and increased mobility by many folds. We can say that mobile is supporting us as a personal assistant. 

In coming decades it may be used to open locks of your homes, offices, shops, car and bikes. It will also work as a remote of multiple devices used in our day to day life. It will carry the complete health information of a person. It will also perform many other tasks and may help to reduce the movement of humans and the above changes will have both positive as well as negative impact on human generation.