In Haryana recently election held on 15th October, 2014 in which 1351 candidates are in the fight. As per general view of common man average expenditure of one candidate for purpose of election is Rs.1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore) although the limit given by election commission is Rs.28,00,000/-(Rupees Twenty Eight lacs) as per information with me. If the figure of Rs.One Crore is multiplied to the number of candidates fighting elections then it will be as follows :-
135 * 1,00,00,000/-=Rs.13,51,00,00,000/-(Rs. One thousand three hundred fifty one crores)
Other than the candidates expenditures election commission also needs to spend so much money to hold the election in form of security arrangements, on duty officers etc. This will be minimum around Rs.500 crores. Also all the government offices, private offices, schools, banks etc. remains close due to election and roughly it will also cost atleast Rs.1000 crores to the economy of state. If we add all the above expenses the figure will be Rs.2500 crores (a really very big amount).
The important point is if this Rs.2500 crores spent for development and betterment of society and state can make BIG DIFFERENCE.
As per my knowledge till date this issue is not raised by any leader, celebrity, media and anyone else. A discussion must be hold on the above point. Media must ask this question to all candidates and political parties and on part of election commission, the authorities must search out the ways, methods to reduce cost of holding elections. It can be by holding elections on holidays or re-imbursement of working hours of election duty on some other day. Election if possible can be digitized to reduce cost. Many more methods may be their which can be looked upon.
I am sure that the above points of expenditure and cost reduction if implemented can greatly change the picture of State economy and will benefit common man.