Thursday, November 20, 2014


It is a big question because when we a in love with some opposite gender our heart and mind wishes to have a physical relation with that partner. When we are having physical relations that is called sex and a very emotional feeling flows through heart, mind and whole body during the period of physical relations. THAT FEELING MAY BE CALLED LOVE.
The other angle of love and sex depends on age of person’s involved in the relation. If they are new young teenagers they will have more attractions and wish towards physical relations (SEX) because of their hormonal changes in their body and it is a new world for them however if both partners are of middle age group they will wish for physical relations with emotional bond between them. If partners are in their 40’s they will have more emotional and social bondage between them and less physical relations and if partners are in 50’s then there are more then 90% social and emotional relations and only 10% chances of physical relations because in 50’s normally hormones and body of human beings are on declining sides and energy levels are low compared to their young age. Also in 50’s peoples have more maturity and surrounded with responsibilities. 
It can be said that age is a very big factor deciding about LOVE AND SEX. As per age of person involved it has different meaning of LOVE AND SEX for them. Also society gives recognition to love but not to sex(illegal or unsocial).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A family is a basic unit of any society and this fact is a universal worldwide truth applicable to whole humanity. In today fast moving world of metro cities normally nuclear families exist and in villages also culture of nuclear family is common but some big families exist as a exception. In nuclear families Husband, wife and their studying children’s are part of family. When children’s goes out of home for higher education and then for search of better career only Husband and Wife remains in that nuclear family. The important point is how much values any child gets from his family environment whether good of bad. Childrens watch discussions between their parents. childrens learn thoughts and values taught by parents. They also go through listening talks of family friends and now a days Television (TV), internet and mobile makes a important impression on their minds and thoughts. In today’s  busy life do we get time to give good moral values to our childrens. We hardly get any time to visit temple/religious place  regularly and not able to pray in morning because husband and wife both are working in modern world. When we ourselves not do prayers at home and temple how our childrens will move forward in their life without religious thought and spiritualism.
My personal view is that television, internet and mobiles must be put to use in right direction and good moral TV shows, channels may be seen by whole family members whenever they watch TV.
Also internet has lot of moral and spiritual text, audio, graphics and videos which can be studied, listened and seen by parents and their wards and same is applicable to mobiles also.
If possible every family must try to visit temple once a week and on festivals. If we want a better society for coming tomorrow then good moral, spiritual values are necessary for our wards. So each family must put their efforts towards a good society.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


In Haryana recently election held on 15th October, 2014 in which 1351 candidates are in the fight. As per general view of common man average expenditure of one candidate for purpose of election is Rs.1,00,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore) although the limit given by election commission is Rs.28,00,000/-(Rupees Twenty Eight lacs) as per information with me. If the figure of Rs.One Crore is multiplied to the number of candidates fighting elections then it will be as follows :-
135 * 1,00,00,000/-=Rs.13,51,00,00,000/-(Rs. One thousand three hundred fifty one crores)
Other than the candidates expenditures election commission also needs to spend so much money to hold the election in form of security arrangements, on duty officers etc. This will be minimum around Rs.500 crores. Also all the government offices, private offices, schools, banks etc. remains close due to election and roughly it will also cost atleast Rs.1000 crores to the economy of state. If we add all the above expenses the figure will be Rs.2500 crores (a really very big amount).
The important point is if this Rs.2500 crores spent for development and betterment of society and state can make BIG DIFFERENCE.
As per my knowledge till date this issue is not raised by any leader, celebrity, media and anyone else. A discussion must be hold on the above point. Media must ask this question to all candidates and political parties and on part of election commission, the authorities must search out the ways, methods to reduce cost of holding elections. It can be by holding elections on holidays or re-imbursement of working hours of election duty on some other day. Election if possible can be digitized to reduce cost. Many more methods may be their which can be looked upon.
I am sure that the above points of expenditure and cost reduction if implemented can greatly change the picture of State economy and will benefit common man.