Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Yamuna Cleaning

Two failures later, a third plan to clean the Yamuna - Hindustan Times

As per the news on Hindustantimes.com it seems that a large chunk of public money will be wasted again because until or unless we the citizens of this country start living disciplined life all efforts will be useless. Did central government and state governments have any answer that why the last two attempts failed and who is responsible for it.

The cleaning of Yamuna is the responsibility of everyone because we know that whenever we exploit too much of nature / environment effects and reactions are very big. The latest example of Japan is in front of everyone.

If Yamuna disappeared in coming decades it will be big loss for all cities lying on its bank whether Delhi, Faridabad, Agra, Sonepat etc.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tragedy in Japan

The recent Earthquake and tsunami has totally damaged many cities of Japan and killed thousands of people. Due to this big earthquake and tsunami the Fukushima nuclear power plant safety measures has failed and radiation has spread in and around Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

This incident has clearly raised big question over energy from Nuclear Sources. In some news it is also mentioned that some data related to safety measures of reactors changed/compromised way back in 1985 so now to stop future recurrence of this type of nuclear tragedy secrecy over nuclear reactors must be reduced and international audit of nuclear plants all over the world must be carried out in view of Japan Tragedy.

Moreover whole world must come forward to help the Japan at this crisis movement. The safety of human beings is the top most priority of any initiative.

It is a reminder from nature to Humans that we should make ourself environment friendly otherwise unnecessary exploitation of nature will yield bad result. All the human creations are small in front of any natural disaster.

I pray to God to help and give courage to the peoples of Japan during this tragedy.