Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Not aware if China building dam on Brahmaputra' - Hindustan Times

As per news on Hindustantimes.com  the Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is not aware that China is building dam on upper section of Brahmaputra in Tibet and diverting water. He said that is did not have any information from China about it. The question is why the Government of China will inform Indian government. Whenever China makes road, intrusion in Indian boundary, tunnel in Tibet or constructing dam the Government of India is not aware about those activities and Media inform them. What the intelligence and other machinery of government is doing if a union minister is not aware about construction of dam in Border district by China. China is growing super power which Indian government is ignoring. They had already occupied Tibet and controlling it and claiming their stake on Arunchal Pradesh.


Military wise also China is the strongest country in the world today and in view of that for the safety of nation India must improve its military capability on fast track basis. We should not wait for start of war with China and taking step for improvement military power after starting of war and losing the lives of soldiers in battle field. Government must be aware that Pakistan has strong relation with China and the scenario is very crucial for India. Before losing any further part of India to China or Pakistan we must make our country defence and attack power very very strong.

All the funds for defence improvement should not be stopped from going in the pocket of some officers, politicians and corrupt peoples present in the system.


WAKE UP INDIA! WAKE UP! Before its too late.


'Not aware if China building dam on Brahmaputra' - Hindustan Times