Reservation demand: Gujjars back on the tracks

Once again the Gujjar  community has again started agitation for reservation of 5% quota under leadership of Kirori Singh Bainsla. The Railway tracks has been stopped by them on New Delhi-Mumbai route at Bayana in Bharatpur district at Rajasthan.Two years back when the agitation for reservation started many peoples had been killed.  The Chief MInister of Rajasthan Sh. Ashok Gehlot is in New Delhi attending the Congress Session. Due to security reasons, the railway authorities have stopped and diverted the many trains including Avadh Express, Doon Express, Janshatabdi Express, Janta Express, Jammu Tavi etc.

If the agitation increase, it may be joined by the gujjars living in other connected states of Haryana and UP also which may create a law and order problem.Also it must be observed that political peoples take benefit by dividing the common men on the lines of caste and religion and we should not allow them to do so.

Personally speaking if each and every community starts demanding reservation for their caste ultimately it will lead to inequality and divide in society which defeat the purpose of democracy where everyone is treated on equal scale. Our constitution says that all the citizens of India must be treated equally and have same rights and duty for the nation.

If the demand of Gujjars community for reservation in government jobs is accepted then they will start asking reservation in education and then other subsidies and looking at their example other community will also take this path.

All Reservation must be diluted and only poor, needy and merit holders should be given priority.