823 ब्लूलाइन बसों का सफर खत्म-दिल्ली-Navbharat Times

As per the news read on navbharattimes website the killer blueline buses which are main part of Delhi Transport system for a long time is going to complete their journey. Delhi government has announced on Tuesday that 823 blueline buses permit finished on tuesday night while After 31 January all the blueline buses will close down and as per Delhi Government Transport Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely DTC is fully prepared to meet the passenger load but their may be some problem initially. DTC has large number of buses ready to cope up with situation. These blueline buses have killed many peoples during last decade and many times the demand has been raised for closing operation of these buses. The rude and filthy behavior of blueline bus staff will always remain in the memory of Delhities. The unemployment of around 5000 staff of blueline buses may become a social problem and Government must plan to do something in this regard.


Hopefully DTC will definitely operate the buses efficiently and safely. All the drivers, conductors and other staff will be trained for efficient operations, passenger friendly behaviour. About DMRC i will say that it is a new government undertaking and needs more funds so surely the Metro will maintain its standards and do not fall under the passengers load.


It also seems that it will not only help DTC to increase its revenue but also bring some more passengers to Delhi Metro. In short the government ventures will earn more money.


823 ब्लूलाइन बसों का सफर खत्म-बिजली-सड़क-पानी-दिल्ली-दिल्ली-Navbharat Times