Petrol & Diesel Prices

Today central government is going to decide on hike in rates of Petrol and Diesel which could be approximately Rs.3.50 (Rs. Three and half) per litre. If the rates of petrol and diesel are increased then inflation which is already very high will touch new peaks and leads to more burdened life for common people because when you increase petrol and diesel price the cost of transport increase and all sectors bears burns of it. The cost of vegetables (potato, tomato, onion, Brinjal, Ladyfinger, etc.) food items (wheat, pulses, rice, etc.) which automatically increase and may be double after 15 days.

Common men is in hope that good monsoon will give him some relief by bringing down the inflation but this initiative of government has crushed all hopes of common man. Government is saying that the move is being taken as a effort to save oil companies which are losing crores of rupees everyday due to increase in international prices of crude oil. Also government is planning to change the control mechanism of fuel prices and the petroleum product prices will go according to international prices in coming future, if it happens it may possible that in October you may have to buy to petrol @Rs70-75 per litre and pulses @Rs.100-120 per kg. and vegetables prices can not estimated.

I think government should increase the price of petrol in order to save oil companies but keeping in mind the already increased inflation and dying common man.

The Fuel Price control mechanism should be as going previously.