CIA and ISI together created Taliban, says Zardari

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In a interview Pakistani President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari said that Talibani are created jointly by CIA of America and ISI of Pakistan.

He publicly said that Taliban is a result of US and Pakistan past exercise. He also blamed United States of America for supporting the Ex Military ruler of Pakistan Mr. Pervez Musharraf who is supporting Taliban. He also said that Pakistani Army & Intelligence Agencies are under the command of Parliament .

Above consent of creating Taliban by Pakistani President shows that India should not totally dependent on USA as its policy are not completely in favour of India. It is worth to be noted that till now USA have not denied these allegations. So India must have its own independent foreign & international policy. Although I will say that India must increase its trading and bilateral ties with America but in a attentive manner.


  1. yes i agree with you, one should be always self suffcient then it may be country or person .

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  3. yes dependency is just like unwaarranted has rightly said we should be self sufficient.jhallevicharaanusaar we should start beating the drums.

  4. Mr. Jamos

    who will be the first one to beat the drums.

  5. It may sound to be historical accident....which ever part of the world such problems ocuur,be rest assured USA is present