Earthquake in Delhi

Global earthquake epicenters, 1963 1998

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The National Capital Delhi has large number of high rise buildings and due to loopholes/corruption in system many of them are not safe in case of natural disaster like earthquake. Delhi comes in Zone-IV on parameter of Earthquake measurement. no safeguards are installed, nor the life of these buildings are tested. What precautions are being taken is not known. Regular inspection must be their to save the loss of life and other assets. The safety equipment / life saving equipment required in case of earthquake must be available and ready 24 x 7. Generally in India equipment required in case of earthquakes are not at par with International Standards. So many countries are ahead of us so government must arrange world class equipment to remove debris and save lives.

It should be mandatory for all high rise buildings (government/private/others) for having safeguard and regular approvals & inspection by appropriate authorities for occupation.

The building who have completed their life must be demolished.

A team of volunteers must be created so that in case of earthquakes relief work can be started on immediate basis.

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