How Safe is our Nation?

Now Mr. P Chidambaram has taken control of Home Ministry and Mr. Shivraj Patil resigned by taking moral responsibility for Mumbai attacks. Other Parties too have started making comments and Prime Minister himself have called all party meeting in which he talked about setting up of a federal agency and increased co-ordination between navy, coast guard and other agencies. He also announced for setting up of four centres of National Security Guard in various part of country but I want to know why these steps have not been taken earlier and after Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi Blasts. We all knows the speed of work in government system, did government working against any deadline to complete the setup of federal agency. In how much time NSG centres will be setup and in which areas.

Government have also not taken any measure steps against Senior Intelligence Officials of IB (Intelligence Bureau) & RAW (Research & Analysis Wing). Why always these agencies fails to give accurate information.

When everybody is aware that after Delhi Blasts, Mumbai is on hit list of terrorists why the security is not strengthened and what steps have been taken by Government when they received information that attacked may be by sea route.

I know that everyone will forget and calms down , all political parties will forget about it and speak about new topics. Security agencies will also got relaxed and the terrorist will take benefit of it and will prepare themselves to attack me, you and our nation, why we do not eliminate the terrorist camp working outside  India by hitting them hard. All the peace process steps between India and Pakistan must be need to be reviewed again.


Lets see what happens till the end of this year.


  1. Hey, I am not sure if its so easy to attack terrorist camps outside India, which lies in territory of some other country. It wil require lot of politcal complications, with US completely involve in this part of the world.
    I am not sure whats the solution of the problem but attacking some one always has danger of creating more terrorist as you can see situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Ps: Thanks for your comments,its nice
    pps: I am sorry if yu do not find link of you blog on my blog but I must tell you I never had any kind of link on my blog.


  2. we have to see this problem via a new look...

    ek ek ko pakro aur maar daalo ...

    dats how we can control terrorism in india....