Internet Browsers

In starting I used to browse the Internet with the help of Internet Explorer (IE) 5 and  then upgraded to IE 6 but facing some problems many times due to technical errors.

Then I switched to Mozilla Firefox 2 and feel happy using google toolbar and tabs feature provided in it but it also started giving problems and upgraded to Firefox 3 but that did not help me and in between listened about launch of browser from Google i.e. Google Chrome. Google chrome also gives facility of tabs but the nice thing is it gives icons of recently browsed webpages. In starting I am under the impression that it is faster than other browsers but soon it started giving problem of hanging ("Kill pages" or "Wait") so now I see one website in chrome when chrome gives problem, i move to firefox and when firefox bent down i use IE and in case IE. It is a complex situation for me as IT has a old look and did not have tabs features. Also IE is more under the reach of spywares and viruses in comparison to Firefox and Chrome.


Let see what is next, i am waiting for new version of Google Chrome.


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  2. Hi...
    Sorry for the long break.. was outside....
    Hey why dont you try for Opera!! Its the best browser and the fastest too..
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