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Generally all the branded computers/laptops available in market comes with preloaded operating system i.e. Windows Vista. Many Versions like Windows Vista Home Edition, Windows Vista Business etc. are available but you will not find any laptop which comes preloaded with Windows XP and this is the blunder most of the users are fighting. Either purchase DOS based computer/laptop or go for VISTA but don’t have option of any other version of Windows. If you buy DOS based laptop / computer then you will not received the facility of backup & recovery software, driver of motherboard chipset, modem, wireless etc. The problem with the Vista is that if you want to add additional devices like camera, pen drive, printer etc with your computer in that case there is a possibility that it may not be compatible with your Windows Vista operating system. Either you have to buy a new vista compatible device or downgrade your computer. I am not against Vista as it may be technically better or its structure may be good for  advanced users but what about the common user.

I know that Windows XP have similar problem in starting (I mean when it launched) but the service pack have solved the Windows XP problem but as per my knowledge no service pack for Windows Vista have been released by Microsoft till date. It may possible that in near future they have some plans to release service pack for Vista but currently I am not aware about it.

The question is if you are facing problem with your computer/laptop which comes with preloaded vista and you want to downgrade to XP then what is the solution.

1. Did user need to pay additionally for Win-XP?

2. What about device drivers and other additional/ bonus software received (if you go for low level format*)?


3. Will it end After Sales Support Agreement with the manufacturer?

4. If in future you want to load Vista what is the procedure. Need to pay again for Vista)?

Many more queries like above will stand in front of common user.

Please send me your opinion about Windows Vista


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