Fire Crackers on Diwali

Fire crackers of hundred crores are burst on Diwali, leading to so much smoke, noise and other types of pollution. Further it creates and increase problems of patients admitted in hospitals and senior citizens who are generally have some type of allergy/disease due to age factors are increased. If the same amount of money is used for betterment of society it could be very useful.


I know that many peoples are employed with crackers industry but fire crackers manufacturers should come forward to make a policy which specifies the limit of noise, size, smoke etc with regard to manufacturing of crackers. Safety of the user must be also kept in mind as generally teenagers use them. Moreover they should also try to invent how the bad impact of fire crackers on environment can be reversed and is it possible to recycle the waste produced by crackers. Although government have fixed time in some cities for bursting of crackers but it should also fix the standards for manufacturing of crackers.


On the level of individual every one should come forward to SAY NO TO CRACKERS so that we can save environment of our planet Earth which has reached to critical dangerous stage right now due to global warming and rising pollution levels.


We should celebrate our festivals with flowers, sweets and happiness. There are also many others methods through which we can celebrate our festivals.

Let’s spread this message to everyone.


  1. So true,
    We never realize how much damage we have done to the environment. And its really a pity.
    Leave aside a few Fuljhadis , nothing should be allowed I feel. Especially the ones which lead to sound pollution..
    Good Blog.. Can we exchange Links?? :-)

  2. Hey Thanks for the exchange.. Even I have added your blog to my bloglist and done the needful with the ads...
    We can squeeze good money from google this way.. :-P
    Every time we click ads on each others blog, we shall just ping each other once... What say??

  3. Hi!! I accept no need crackers!! I saw that you have removed the link to my site! I mean from your blog list but still your link is always there in mine. I am not sure why!! Anyway thanks for the comments! I clicked on the ads in your site. Hope you do the same for me!! Please leave a mess saying you have clicked so i will know if you have done it or not!

  4. Hey your blog is there in my blog link.. It was always there... I never removed it!!!
    Look at the right side bottom.. There are several names.. The second ones is "EveryMatter"


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