Year 2075

Whenever I think about future the first things comes to my mind is competition between India, Pakistan and China. If we estimate according to current parameters available to us we found that India and China are growing economy of the world. Although Pakistani economy is not at par with these two economy but future is unpredicted and I hope if Political, Law & Order situation got stability in coming decade than Pakistan also have the dearth of resources under its knees beat these two economies as India young work force will be old after 2-3 decades but if Political and Civil situation doesn't improves in Pakistan, it is hard to predict the scenario for Pakistan. India also dealing with many problems like inflation, unrest in North-East, Terrorism, J&K Problem and disputes of borders with China & Pakistan and problem on Bangaldesh border. China also facing problems like Tibet Issue, Inflation, Border Issues with India, etc.

All these countries also face natural calamities problems like flood, storm, earthquake, tsunami, etc. from time to time. Generally India face problem of flood every year in many of its states.

Overall India's future looks good because of its peace based policy and recent initiative for trade cooperation with China despite non faithfulness of China and border issues, Co-operation with USA for Indo-US nuclear deal if successful will also provide India a source of energy for its growing energy needs to maintain its development.

Please post your views regarding same.

Indo-China Relations

Relations of India and China are bitter since the war between two countries in 1962 but currently both countries are pursuing for economic, diplomatic and trade relations. Although many issues surround the relations of these countries like finger point area in Sikkim, Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh, border area in Kashmir and issue of Tibet. I think India should be very careful when dealing with China as we can’t forget the incidence of ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’. According to me India have made many compromises on international issues and we can see the same in the case of China.

Both countries should start with trade relations and follows other solutions suggested by experts, as India and China are the emerging economies and co-operation between these two will bring betterment and prosperity to our world.

Send me your views.

Price Hike in Petroleum Products

As we all knows that recently government increased price of Petrol, Diesel and LPG cooking gas due to increase in international market from last many months and increasing pressure of Oil Companies as the companies are going through very rough phase. The question arise here is how this price hike will affect the common man especially the middle class of our semi-urban and urban cities who is already under tremendous pressure due to high inflation rate. Prices of all basic commodities have increased in last two-three months. Even though the government is planning to implement the sixth pay commission norms but it is not finalized yet and what will happens with peoples working in private sector.

One of the factors behind increase in prices of crude oil at international level is trading/future trading of the same according to views of some experts. But I don’t understand why all the governments are not taking steps to stop/ban/control trading of same.

I think government should have control the prices of LPG because it is a essential basic commodity and must start the research of alternate energy sources on urgent basis to save the nation from future crisis. In alternate sources we should not depend only on nuclear energy but some new initiatives need to be taken care.

Please send your views about the same.

Countries Marks World Environment Day

Today the world celebrates World Environment Day - a day which aims to spread awareness of the environment while creating awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment.This year's theme "Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy" - h

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