Thursday, October 13, 2016

Online Shopping V/s Real Purchase

Online shopping is increasing these days in our country and many companies operating for it like,,,, etc. but still people of india prefers to buy things by making physical check and inquiring about the item by visiting many shops. We still ask about the experience of our known who is consuming that item and his/her dealing with that particular shop. We want to make a real check by seeing, touching and check the things in physical form before buying which is impossible in virtual world means in online shopping where everything happens on a click of mouse button. 

Many fraud/cheating also happen in online purchase like showing some very good item and in delivery providing something else or some model of the real item. Also online financial transaction were not so easy and secured previously but now many ways of payments are available. A online buyer can also check for reviews given by other customers. As a buyer you may get information about quantity sold and many website have started giving replacement/refund/guarantee option through which customer is being tried to protect. In last 3-4 years online marketplace companies have grown to many folds and innovating the method / process of online sale and purchase. The reach of technology to the peoples through smartphones has changed the scenario by many folds. If you are not able to found something in your nearby area check it online and solution is available.

I hope in coming time online purchase will really help the peoples to save time and resources.   

Monday, September 26, 2016

India V/s Pakistan

After attack at Uri Army camp by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in which 18 soldiers of Indian Army laid down their life the situation is very tense and political statement by leaders in both countries on United Nation platform has increased differences by many folds. Pakistan is doing this type of terrorist activities since very long and Mumbai Attack, Parliament Attack had proven again and again that Pakistan is a terrorist state. If a war starts between these two nuclear powers and use of nuclear weapons is done than many crores of people will die in this region. After effects of nuclear war will be more worst than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While terrorism has gripped whole world and no national should support any kind of terrorism in any form. 

In case any national found supporting, sponsoring terrorism big economic sanctions must be imposed on that country. In many terror cases across the whole world Pakistani nationals are found to be involved in direct or indirect way. Looking at this strict economic ban must be imposed on Pakistan so that the country (Leaders, Government and its citizens) starts revolving their thinking from good to bad.