Monsoon Raining

In this raining season whole city is flooded with water. Each highway, road, street and major points, chowks are facing water logging problem. Traffic jams due to water logging is a major hurdle. The above scene is common everywhere. Every year this situation occurs and before monsoon government, political leaders and local administration makes big claims about their preparations and activities all of which totally fails when rain starts. Sewerage system is cleaned before every monsoon but still when rain starts 3-4 feet water logging is common on all highways and roads. Recently Gurgaon Traffic jam on NH-8 and at IFFCO Chowk, Honda Chowk, etc. really created an emergency situation and whole administration / government is failed in that scenario.

I think the problem lies somewhere in basic cities planning of India because all main metro cities of India because water draining system / sewerage system is not designed / working properly. The water exist / drainage system is designed keeping in mind initial stage and scope for future development taken on that place in coming years is not estimated. Maintenance is also another major problem as government departments and red-tapism/bureaucracy is a major hurdle in implementation and completion of any work.  The solid waste/polythene during the rainy season blocks the flow of water in drainages/sewerages which in turn generates water logging problem and by the time local administration / government agencies takes action to clear that the situation becomes worst.

Another reason of above problem is that no open land area is now to absorb water inside the cities and everything is covered with concrete which stops water absorption power of earth.

Over and above that it must be thinked that how much loss of life and property happens due to above mentioned problems. Water logging damage the roads and accidents happens on these roads.



In my recent visit to Faridabad i felt a lot of changes in the city. A new wave of development is going. Previously the areas who are outskirts of city and farms are their is now filled with lots of societies especially the Naharpar area is now has so many flats and societies. Reputed School is also their.

The National Highway from Delhi to Mathura passing through the city is congested at many places and long traffic jams are very common during peak hours previously. The Old Faridabad Chowk, Badkhal Chowk, Badarpur, Sarai, NHPC Chowk is generally had a problem of big traffic jams during peak hours but in last few years the situation is completely changes. Old Faridabad, Badkhal and other points are undergoing for development of over bridges to decongest the National Highway under Delhi Agra Road Project scheme. Badarpur Flyover has really helped to remove bottleneckness of traffic problem at badarpur mor.

The most important development is of Metro Rail which has boosted the infrastructure of city many times and lead the development of city. Metro has also helped to reduce pollution and decongest traffic problem on Mathura Road. Metro Rail is really helped the peoples of city and increased connectivity with the capital. 

Faridabad may see many more changes in upcoming years as it may be converted into smart city.

But in this race of development we should not forgot the environmental aspect which is must for all human beings on this planet. Forest and farms are finishing with every passing day as cities are increasing and leading to big damage to environment. BE CAREFUL.


Now a days so many young boys and girls are unmarried in our society especially who has weak financial background or who are less educated. These types of candidates hardly get any match or a life partner, many of these candidates who grown elder are bounded to live a bachelor or single life. I fail to understand the case of those candidates who are well established in their life, financially secure and has good family background but still don't get their partner. Some of the reasons behind the above which flows through my mind are as follows :

1.              Parents of the bride are too much ambitious now. They want more educated and financially secure groom having small family, living separately and also has own house. They want their daughter to live separately after marriage.
2.              Parents of groom wants bride who is educated, is in service-woman, calm, obedient and hard-working able to bear the responsibilities of joint family. Also they want that bride parents may do the marriage in luxurious way and give lots of wealth as a gift to them.
3.              Another reason is that cases of divorce are increasing in society and parents take too much extra care in making match to save their ward and family from divorce situation.
4.              Today life is too much busy and nobody gets extra time and energy for their family which increases tension between family members so the bride parents tries to search for a groom who can share housework responsibilities with their daughter.


More than 90% of the asset and wealth of the world today is under the control of less than 1% percent peoples who are ultra-rich / rich and control politics, society, bureaucracy, system and everything according to their own convenience. These ultra-rich peoples exploit the 90% population of the world which is clearly injustice. Our society and country has become imbalanced society and the difference between rich and poor is increasing every day. Rich is becoming richer while poor and hard-working peoples are becoming poorer. Poor peoples are not getting enough resources to fulfill their basic minimum requirement on one side while when we see other side of the coin the rich peoples not only misuse the resources but exploit the poor peoples through use of their wealth and power. These rich peoples becomes political leaders, employer, entrepreneurs, big businessman or powerful person of the society in one or the other way and gains more and more asset and wealth with every passing day. Then these ultra-rich peoples give a very small bite in the form of help, donation to poor and gains sympathy and even take benefits through the use of help/donations, it is trick of these peoples to gain more.

The system of society fails to control this gap because makers of these rules and regulations are rich peoples themselves, they leaves loopholes/ways to save their wealth. These rich and powerful peoples use their tools, loopholes, network to save themselves. But what is the solution to bring equality among all. How everyone will get justice. Is SOCIALISM solution to the problem of above RICH AND POOR problem or the CAPITALISM is the way to above. As per my thinking all countries in the present world is facing the problem of RICH AND POOR and no economic system is strong enough to solve the system so I will say that in every 30 years economic system must be changed and policy made to plug the loopholes in the system and make the poor part of the system making team. When SYSTEM CHANGES, SOCIETY CHANGES. When our world and society able to fill the gap between rich and poor, where everyone is equal than the true meaning of Humanity is achieved. 


Recently I seen one of the civil works carried out by a government contractor. Although I don’t have any degree or much knowledge about civil work but noticed that all work carried out by contractor is done according to his own rough estimates without taking any proper measurements. No measuring equipment’s, observations or paper work is done which I think is not possible in any government work and my knowledge about the system says that this all paperwork is done in false way and made  the system just a formality. No government officials who visited the site done any measurements, paper work and even no feedback is taken from the peoples of that area. I think it is a general and common practice in most of the government works because of untrained peoples and to save / earn more money by contractors / officials. It clearly happens due to corruption which is eating the taxpayer’s money. The contractor use lower quality material, put untrained peoples without proper equipment’s, break rules of working etc. because he / she has to give the big amount of tender amount to concerned officials/departments. These officials use this money to promote themselves to their seniors and to grow themselves and their seniors again also forward a part of above money to their Seniors which generate a complete cycle of corruption. This corruption money is used in many illegal ways. IT MUST BE STOPPED. 


Reservation is creating division in society, it is a tool for politically aspirants person to implement the British policy of DIVIDE AND RULE. Just think about the merit holder students/candidates who are from upper caste but their financial condition is weak and they are not able to get admission/job despite their hard work due to above mentioned VOTE BANK game of political peoples. Political leaders are damaging the future of country only for their own self benefit. Did any question is asked by any leader of any political party in Parliament / Vidhan Sabha / Rajya Sabha that why India has a Brain-Drain problem. 

Here I would like to mention one real incident of an educational institute where a teachers asked his merit holder batch students that they should become IAS / IPS / Government Officer and serve the country with their talent instead of flying abroad and answer of a student is as follows :

“Sir, I am not a fool, why I will work under the command of illiterate and corrupt leaders after getting my degree”.

The above incident shows the thinking of young minds or we can say the coming generation is losing faith in the system of their motherland.

The best of India Brains work for the development of foreign countries. In USA most of organizations search for Indian Doctors and Engineers because they know that best brain left their motherland due to DIRTY VOTE BANK POLITICS.

Reservation system should be modified so that any merit holder student/candidate may not left the country and inspired to work for the betterment and development of Nation.

The system of reservation had been created in view of inequality in society for a limited period but even after expiry of that period it is not finished but extended to so many groups/castes due to VOTE BANK POLITICS of political leaders. Recently Haryana state has seen so much agitation for demand of reservation and we cannot forget other agitations in different states like in Gujrat, Rajasthan etc. In last 60 years the structure of society has totally changed and previously who is weak and poor is now stable and wealthy due to reservation and the able people are weak now means social structure reversed which is making a very very bad impact on society and humanity.

Their should be no compromise on quality of work/merit. Just think about different in quality of treatment given by a 50% marks obtained doctor and 90% marks obtained doctors. Also think about the difference in strength of buildings constructed by 50% marks obtained engineer and 90% marks obtained engineer. This difference will applies in every field and only due to reservation our country is behind the many foreign countries.  

In interest of the nation RESERVATION must be finished and only those who are talented and merit holders may move forward and financial assistance may be provided to them if they are financially weak.

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Ganga River, a holy river of India. It is the lifeline of lakhs peoples of our country. Mny cities are established on its bank like Haridwar, Allahabad, Varansi (Banaras) etc. A large part of peoples living in these cities depend on River Ganga for their livelihood but as the development activities increased peoples start neglecting cleaning and recycling activities and dump waste in the Holy River. The Ganga also known as mother river for hindu’s in last few decades is dying. Government planned to clean Ganga but like other government project it also fails although a big amoung of taxpayers money wasted. Our new Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi since the start of his election campaign discussing about the cleaning of River Ganga and even two-three times lead the activity by himself on the ghat’s of Ganga. In budget 2037 crores rupees are planned to be spent for cleaning river Ganga and the project name is Namami Ganga. Responsibility of the work is given to Minister Smt. Uma Bharti who is having a very big and good network among the Hindu spiritual leaders of India. The role of spiritual leaders is very important as their words are treated as a rule by their followers. The awareness spread by these leaders will make great impact in the peoples. In one of her statement Minister said that they will clear solid waste which stops flow of river and increase pollution of river by getting jammed in the path of water flow and many more steps will be taken to clear and stop polluting the Holy River Ganga.



Every Year all over the world lakhs of tree plantations are done and many programmes / functions / seminars and other activities carried out by Government and Non Government organisations to spread awareness about environment and increase plantation. The important questions is how many trees / plants survive out of total plantations and what are the reasons behind the non - survival. One of the important reason is total negligence of their after take care or in simple words just plant a tree and forget it. It seems that tree plantations programme is organised only for the purpose of pump and how. Just have some photographs while planting a tree, circulate it in media, gain some popularity BUT NO ARRANGEMENT FOR TAKE CARE OF THE PLANTATION DONE. It is not important to do so many tasks with half heart but do one task with full energy and complete it. In other words instead of spending thousand crores on plantations a part of above funds may be kept and spent on take care of trees planted.

Their must be some kind of analysis / report / survey and accountability must be fixed that who is responsible for DEATH OF PLANTED TREES.

If today we will not save trees tomorrow we will be not able to live on this planet our mother EARTH. Already we have lost many good things which we got from trees due to cutting of forest and development race. Many ayurvedic medicines, fruits, flowers, strong wood is not available today because these things died with DEATH OF TREES of above species. 

Now slogan of SAVE TREES, PLANT TREES needs to be updated and expanded to SAVE TREES, PLANT TREES, TAKE CARE OF PLANTATION.

Thank you to all the readers for going through above article.

Please come forward to give more ideas to implement and solve the above mentioned problem. 

Success and Failures

Their is a unspoken rule in the human society about Success and Failure that everyone is standing with successful person praises you and trying to be a part of your success trying to describe, present and prove his/her contribution in part of success of the successful person. This is applicable to everybody including me and you. But when anybody fails no one stands with him, it may be possible that some who is standing with you in tough time/failure may be because of his/her limitations which may be social or emotional. Some near one's may console the failure on his doing and advise him/her to correct his style of working, procedures and completely change himself/herself. When success happens you are RIGHT and TRUE (TRUTH) but when you fails you are WRONG and FALSE(LIAR).

Is the above mentioned rule is a part of human culture got developed and moulded or taken on the wrong path or just has a wrong start?

Sometimes the way of treatment for failures is not the common or generalised it is different in different cases of failures. The treatment may include to more hardworking or may be in change of style of working or may change of procedures required but it may lead to more failures instead of all these it may be possible that some smartness is required in addition to sacrifice of some part of TRUTH and thinking about profit/benefit of self only by surpassing and sidelining the moral values in controlled way undercover but on front end you speak and discuss about truth, moral values, society, humanity and relations with your client/partner/employer etc. Although all smartness, sacrifice of some part of truth, misleading the view of others must be upto a calculated limit. ALTHOUGH ALL SMARTNESS, SACRIFICE OF SOME PART OF TRUTH, MISLEADING THE VIEW OF OTHERS MUST BE UP TO A CALCULATED LIMIT. 



आवाज़-The Voice: सत्यनारायण भगवान और मैं :-)

आवाज़-The Voice: सत्यनारायण भगवान और मैं :-)