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Geelani stopped from leaving Delhi

Geelani stopped from leaving Delhi

The threat of strike and protest in valley directly shows that he is running from investigation related to Hawala cases. Why he is afraid if he is true?

We have listened in news that every stone pelter in Kashmir is getting money and nobody knows from where this money comes. All the money which is distributed to stone pelters may be coming through illegal ways.

As Mr. Geelani generally claims that he wants development and peace in Kashmir then he must offer his hand of help to Government.

I am not saying Mr. Geelani is wrong but even if his name has come somewhere in Hawala case, he must clear it.

China changing, hope for Tibet: Dalai Lama

China changing, hope for Tibet: Dalai Lama

As per Spiritual leader view of Chinese Peoples are changing but I think China is never going to free Tibet and also on the basis of past behaviour of China you could not rely on him. As a nation China given quotation 'Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai' but still attacked India. Now a days China economy is progressing and China is is trying to be a World Power and also it appears that China is working against India. It is increasing its defence power like anything and building modern facilities near border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Leh and other borders touching India.

Intentions of China is suspicious also in past years many infiltration of Chinese Troops in India raises a big question. If we see the chinese move from bureaucratic view they are issuing staples visa for people sof arunchal Pradesh and not issuing visa of the resident of Kashmir.

India must increase its pace of development especially defence sector to prepare against any future attack.

If we compare India v/s China we will found that China has developed its own technology while India is buying old technology at higher prices from Other countries which do not stands anywhere in comparision to China.

Till now our focus is only on Pakistan but the future threat from China is much bigger than Pakistan.


Maoist blow up railway tracks in Jharkhand - Hindustan Times

Maoist blow up railway tracks in Jharkhand - Hindustan Times

What result it will brought to Maoist. Did it solve their problem. I think they should participate in education programme, Health Drives and development programmes so that the area and society develop which will bring overall improvement in Society

The blasting railway tracks is unethical.

Nishant UAV successfully tested by army ahead of induction


One more step in modernization of Indian Army.

But still many more steps need to be initiated and completed on urgent basis as we are standing nowhere in comparison to China which is encroaching in Indian boundaries with every passing day. In case China attacks India we are not in position to have a upper hand in fighting against them as in the case of Pakistan. It may also happen that government will seek immediate helps from international friends and funds from common public for safety and up gradation of forces as happened previously. We should not lose any territory in case of war and then take funds from public and upgrade forces after making this big mistake. We should learn from our past mistakes.

Raja, aides to be produced in court today - Hindustan Times

Raja, aides to be produced in court today - Hindustan Times

It is useless to arrest Mr. Raja and his aides after so many months. till now all the evidences and proofs are destroyed. Also everyone is well aware that judiciary process is a lengthy fight and don't when the result will come out.

During the UPA command Nation has seen many major scams like 2G Scam, CWG 2010 Scam, Adarsh Society Scam, CVC Appointment and Black Money in Foreign Banks. Every common men of India knows that all the activities which are carrying out is just formalities for show off purpose. A long enquiry then judiciary process will go and after than appeal in higher court and then supreme court and at last nothing is recovered only the ex-chequer money is wasted on checking , inquiry and investigations.

The result of Bofors case is well known to everybody. After spending so many years and crores of money in investigating the case the result is BIG ZERO. It is worth to be noted that the cost of Investigation are much higher than the cost of scam.

If the nation will face continuously heat of scam regularly then it will be difficult for India to become a World Power.





the above question are still standing and common men is awaiting response for it from Government.

Mission India Foundation completes MMR Vaccination project

On January 27,2011, Mission India Foundation ( reached the milestone of 4000 MMR vaccinations given to kids in Narnaul District of Haryana. This completes Phase 1 of our project. The team working in India (Board member Dr Ved Yadav, Operations Manager Neeraj, and Vijay Lakshmi- the health worker) deserves all the salutation for carrying out the project in an efficient manner. A special thanks to all the volunteers and donors who made this possible in a time span of less than a year (the project was launched on April 7,2010). But the work does not end here, we need to continue this great work and we need all the help we can get to achieve the same success going forward. Support the Cause of One Vaccine at a Time; One Kid at a time!

Please visit for updates and your continued support.

Badarpur Metro

Yesterday DMRC started Metro from Badarpur to Sarita Vihar. The line will give much awaited relief to the daily passengers of Faridabad. Now they just come to Border and then Ply to their respective workplace in Delhi using Metro. DMRC is estimating One Lakh passengers from this route of Badarpur to Central Secretariat line. The start of Badarpur Flyover and Badapur Metro will definately remove the traffic jam problem of Badarpur, Jaitpur and also help to decrease level of pollution. The total network of metro is now 161 KM.

CAT 2010 Result Declared

CAT 2010 Result are declared and available online at

A toll free helpline number for students is also available 1800-103-9293 for telephonic inquiries.

Approximately 1.86 lakh students given the online CAT 2010 exam held between October 27 and November 24 last year.

'Not aware if China building dam on Brahmaputra' - Hindustan Times

As per news on  the Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is not aware that China is building dam on upper section of Brahmaputra in Tibet and diverting water. He said that is did not have any information from China about it. The question is why the Government of China will inform Indian government. Whenever China makes road, intrusion in Indian boundary, tunnel in Tibet or constructing dam the Government of India is not aware about those activities and Media inform them. What the intelligence and other machinery of government is doing if a union minister is not aware about construction of dam in Border district by China. China is growing super power which Indian government is ignoring. They had already occupied Tibet and controlling it and claiming their stake on Arunchal Pradesh.


Military wise also China is the strongest country in the world today and in view of that for the safety of nation India must improve its military capability on fast track basis. We should not wait for start of war with China and taking step for improvement military power after starting of war and losing the lives of soldiers in battle field. Government must be aware that Pakistan has strong relation with China and the scenario is very crucial for India. Before losing any further part of India to China or Pakistan we must make our country defence and attack power very very strong.

All the funds for defence improvement should not be stopped from going in the pocket of some officers, politicians and corrupt peoples present in the system.


WAKE UP INDIA! WAKE UP! Before its too late.


'Not aware if China building dam on Brahmaputra' - Hindustan Times

NewsGram: a News-portal from USA

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce NewsGram to you. NewsGram ( is  a newly launched News web-portal from USA on January 1,2011. It is international in outlook, with specific focus on India. NewsGram will bring news and views across the world to you at your desktop, cell phones and other wired gadgets. 
Please visit the news portal at

Happy New Year 2011

Wish Everybody a Healthy,

Prosperous & Successful 2011



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Reservation demand: Gujjars back on the tracks

Once again the Gujjar  community has again started agitation for reservation of 5% quota under leadership of Kirori Singh Bainsla. The Railway tracks has been stopped by them on New Delhi-Mumbai route at Bayana in Bharatpur district at Rajasthan.Two years back when the agitation for reservation started many peoples had been killed.  The Chief MInister of Rajasthan Sh. Ashok Gehlot is in New Delhi attending the Congress Session. Due to security reasons, the railway authorities have stopped and diverted the many trains including Avadh Express, Doon Express, Janshatabdi Express, Janta Express, Jammu Tavi etc.

If the agitation increase, it may be joined by the gujjars living in other connected states of Haryana and UP also which may create a law and order problem.Also it must be observed that political peoples take benefit by dividing the common men on the lines of caste and religion and we should not allow them to do so.

Personally speaking if each and every community starts demanding reservation for their caste ultimately it will lead to inequality and divide in society which defeat the purpose of democracy where everyone is treated on equal scale. Our constitution says that all the citizens of India must be treated equally and have same rights and duty for the nation.

If the demand of Gujjars community for reservation in government jobs is accepted then they will start asking reservation in education and then other subsidies and looking at their example other community will also take this path.

All Reservation must be diluted and only poor, needy and merit holders should be given priority.

Schools to wait for govt guidelines on EWS refund - The Times of India

The news on TimeofIndia website which says that 100 Principals of private school met the Delhi Education Minister regarding refund for 25% EWS quota in private schools. The important questions is that if government reimburse to private schools according to each school norm it will be very high or in other case schools will pass on this burden to other student which is not fair. Most of the top private schools in Delhi have large cash reserves with them and no increase in fees and and reimbursement by government should be permitted to them.

Few days back CAG reported that many private schools are manipulating funds and some of their activities are not beneficial for society. In general if your will ask any common men about the private school or you take a walk through the corridors of private schools, they are like five star hotels and their managing committee are availing VIP facilities on society funds.  a middle class person today could not afford the high fees of the private schools and quality education is becoming a dream for the middle class people of the society because of increasing inflation, low capacity to pay high fees of private schools.

Schools to wait for govt guidelines on EWS refund - The Times of India

Former chief justice hid Raja facts 6

Now the blame game has start, the common men will lose his trust in system after this incident.

why the guilty is not being punished

A case must be lodged in this regard and then take necessary action against culprits who try to damage the system

Chinese Premier Visits India To Discuss Complex Relationship

It is good that both rising powers are sharing trade links but India should be careful as we have faced heat from China during past. The famous Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai quote by China and then war against us.
Even today their is a news that Tibet is linked to China National Highway system which will make Chinese troops movement easy.
What Indian Government and its political leaders are doing?

823 ब्लूलाइन बसों का सफर खत्म-दिल्ली-Navbharat Times

As per the news read on navbharattimes website the killer blueline buses which are main part of Delhi Transport system for a long time is going to complete their journey. Delhi government has announced on Tuesday that 823 blueline buses permit finished on tuesday night while After 31 January all the blueline buses will close down and as per Delhi Government Transport Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely DTC is fully prepared to meet the passenger load but their may be some problem initially. DTC has large number of buses ready to cope up with situation. These blueline buses have killed many peoples during last decade and many times the demand has been raised for closing operation of these buses. The rude and filthy behavior of blueline bus staff will always remain in the memory of Delhities. The unemployment of around 5000 staff of blueline buses may become a social problem and Government must plan to do something in this regard.


Hopefully DTC will definitely operate the buses efficiently and safely. All the drivers, conductors and other staff will be trained for efficient operations, passenger friendly behaviour. About DMRC i will say that it is a new government undertaking and needs more funds so surely the Metro will maintain its standards and do not fall under the passengers load.


It also seems that it will not only help DTC to increase its revenue but also bring some more passengers to Delhi Metro. In short the government ventures will earn more money.


823 ब्लूलाइन बसों का सफर खत्म-बिजली-सड़क-पानी-दिल्ली-दिल्ली-Navbharat Times

CMD imprisonment in Noida land scam drags Uflex by 20 pc - The Economic Times

CMD imprisonment in Noida land scam drags Uflex by 20 pc - The Economic Times

As per the news on Economictimes website CBI special court has given four-year imprisonment to a CMD of Uflex Ltd. in large-scale bungling in allotment of Noida Development Authority plots. The petition was filed by the Noida Entrepreneurs Association alleging bungling in the allotment of land in different sectors and in commercial Sector 18 in Noida. The case was going on in court since last five years. CBI Special Court Judge also slapped fines of Rs 50,000 each to Former UP chief secretary Neera Yadav and Chaturvedi.

CMD imprisonment in Noida land scam drags Uflex by 20 pc - The Economic Times

tobacco, pan masala

As per the news on Supreme Court  banned the sale of tobacco products in plastic pouches from March 2011 while hearing petition by civil society. Hon'ble court has asked the government to conduct a survey on the ill effects of this product within eight weeks.

Gutkha manufacturers need to look for alternatives by March 2011.

Supreme Court bans sale of tobacco products in plastic pouches from March 2011