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The Vastu Basics

The recent incident of killing of a small primary student of Ryan International School at Gurgaon again raised questions about loopholes in private educational institutes. The private institute employs fourth class staff without taking proper measures to earn profit. Private schools charge heavy fees in name of good education, providing world class facilities, security, communication etc. but the result is zero.
Their CCTV cameras don't work, they don't provide timely information to parents, they don't hire employees as per norms, but just thinks and operate to achieve maximum profits. Generally private schools hire lower grade staff like guard, sweeper, driver, conductor, gardener, peon etc. at very lower rates instead of hiring competent persons and generally these are very underpaid and have terrible working conditions.

In last decade even the working condition of teaching community has gone from bad to worse. Government gives lot of benefits to private educational sch…

A small child killed, in Popular school, RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL


Bhiwani roads

In last few weeks at our city Bhiwani I seen that many important inner circle roads and streets are being constructed with inter locking tiles. Following two places are under construction :- 1.Bichla Bazar from Kirori Mal Mandir to Jain Chowk 2.Pather Phoda wali gali I appreciate this move of local administration for construction of above bit as a citizen of this city it is also our responsibility to maintain the roads. Because of some personal benefits some of us dig these newly constructed roads for setting up of their temporary arrangement in front of their shops and sometime digged by hawkers which start the damage of these newly constructed roads and reduces it’s overall life as the tiles are interlocked once one tile will loose lock with others the chain will breakup and overall life period of the path/road will be short.

As per norms roads will be constructed only when the life span of previous construction is over so I request and appeal all bhiwani walas to maintain these new …

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